Monday, 30 January 2012

Have your cake and eat it!!

Hi Guys!!!!!!

My post today is a bit of a clash. As you can probably see at the mo, the weather is still pretty cold and frosty, but the sun has been shining and the shop have already got their summer season in!!!!!!

Well I am certainly not disappointed to see something new on the rails, especially bright colours and shorter hems, but with the way the weather is....I don't think I'm going to be wearing much of it yet. So I thought I'd do a mix and match post;

"Wearing summer clothes when it's still freezing outside" :D

Experts on this look inc:

Mary-Kate Olsen,Vanessa Hudgens and Fanny Lyckeman feat.

The Maxi Dress Covered:

Have your cake and eat it
This is just an example of how to wear your Maxi Dress before the weather changes, layer it with cute college tank tops, or lighter lace/ pastel cami's, then add on your classic leather jacket or denim, finish off with a cute cross body bag and chunky heels.

I hope you like this post and please leave a comment if you've done something similar :)

Love LMC x x x 

Friday, 27 January 2012

What Matters!!

Hiya people,

My post today is kind of inspired by a post I read on What Rebecca Said, found here:

Why does appearance matter so much?! 
I have had a very bad relationship with myself since forever! I have never been happy with my face, or my weight, or my size or my hair, or anything. I've always come second best, or there has always been in my mind someone prettier or funnier or more intelligent than me...

For some reason all my life I have measured myself against other girls, ranking myself in relation to their size or personality. And two years ago I hit rock bottom. I took things to the extreme and changed myself in every way possible to try to fit some sort of template of the "perfect" girl. And do you know what!?
It still wasn't good enough.

Then something occurred to me, and I took a long hard look at myself and the world.

I had been trying so hard to be anything and everything else, that I had forgotten to appreciate and enjoy what I already had. 

And slowly this past year, I have started to try a new way of looking at myself and my life. I have begun to enjoy dressing up, as I am no longer dressing to seek approval, I'm dressing because I want to. I finally took the plunge and started a blog, not for anything else accept the self satisfaction and enjoyment of it! I have even begun to make true honest friendships, because I am no longer trying to be friends with everyone, I am learning to make friendships with people who like me for who I am.

And this new way of looking at myself and my life, is a WHOLE LOT MORE FUN!!!!!

And even if nobody ever read this post, or my blog, or liked my clothes, or my face, hair etc, etc, It wouldn't matter!!!

I read recently:
The secret to having it all, Is knowing you already do.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, and if so please comment or follow me, and I hope I can write some more stuff like this in the future.

Love to you all,
LMC x x x

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Wednesday Blues


today I am feeling really quite shitty, the weathers crap, my hair is crap, my social life is a catastrophic, and I am at a loss as to what to post! Meh!

Anyway here goes...

Part deux- Vogue Collections 2012

For those of you have read my last post jump ahead, but for those of you who didn't here is me chewing up and regurgitating the best bits of Uk's Vogue "The Collections."

If you are sane or normal like me, you will have never heard of a perlume before... your not missing out trust me. However if you do like this trend, or you are trying to hard to be "indie" Perlumes were big this season on the runway.

Actually, now I think this is kind of cute in a kooky way!! I like Jason wu's style, he's made it more girly and sweet, than prim and proper... What do you think?

Keep it sweet and feminine-
*Thin knotted belt on top to highlight your waist
*Understated shoes
*NO SHOULDER PADS!!! this is not a fashion statement it is a fail.

50'S USA
*Glossy Leather Skirts- just above the knee 
*Plaid Prints- stay in the pastel hues with picnic ginghams and shiny new checks, in true Stepford Wife Fashion. 
*Midriffs bare and Knee length skirts
*Mrs Slocombe Glasses... from the classic british sitcom Are You Being Served 
cat eye glasses

I will write another post V soon, on S/S metallics and floral prints, so please FOLLOW ME or check back soon :)

love LMC x x x

Sunday, 22 January 2012

PREEN, S/S 2012


Bit of a random post....

I felt like trying out a makeup style on my younger sister, based on a picture in "The Vogue Collections," taken backstage at the S/S Preeen 2012 show.
Anoyingly I couldn't find the exact picture but here is another shot taken at the same show, same makeup... so should kind of match :)

Highlights of this look-
* Big boyish, brows- Keep them over grown and thick ladies
* Flawless Skin- Secret to this is complete coverage on incredible skin, YSL foundation and a strict skincare routine!
* Rosy Tint- Benefit's Lip Tint, and Vaseline with rose and almond oil.
* Peachy, Apricoty- a lovely flush of sorbet on the apple of your cheek.

Here is my trial on my younger sister Bronwen.

Thanks for reading guys :)

Please post me a comment, or any tips or any suggestions for future makeup tryouts or tutorials!!!

Love LMC x x x 

S/S 2012!!!!

Hi People!! 
I just bought Vogue's february copy, and have been flicking through "the collections" so I wanted to share with you whats coming up in fashion scene this summer! Eeeeeek!!

Think colourful ice cream sundaes!!

Louis Vuitton_2012_RTW

Issa London_S2012RTWOOOK - Vivienne Westwood - Red Label 2012 Spring-Summer - LOOK 6

Great Gatsby esque Evening Glamour *flapper *sequins *drop hems.

New York Fashion Week 2012: Ralph Lauren - VOGUE

GabyG-Roberto Cavalli 2012 Spring - Roberto Cavalli Collections on...Marchesa Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear Collection on Runway...

Gorgeous paisley, crochets and satins, all mixed and presented for daylights bet events.

ValentinoGiambattista Valli_2012_春夏_RTW_秀场细节_时装发布-VOGUE时尚网                                                                                                          That is pretty much all I think I can fit into one post, so please check back in a little while for more S/S styles, Accessories and Beauty and Hair.
Love LMC x x x

Thursday, 19 January 2012

2012 Pastels

Valentino- Detailing and Nude colours

Miu Miu- Lace and jewelry

Hi guys,
so sorry I haven't posted in a week!! thats like a century in blog years ;)

Well, the style scene; shops and magazines have been really uninspiring recently, we're kind of between seasons, so just the sale dregs left over, and a few new pieces all mixed together!! Arghhh.... so annoying! But I thought I'd do an outfit post for PASTELS because they have been forecast for S/S this year.

2012 Pastels

This Topshop lace Tee, ticks both the pastels trend and the detailing trend, brought to S/S 2012 by Louis Vuitton, Valentino and Mui Mui. Very girly indeed. And this is kept casual with pastel blue skinnies, and cute details fipflop sandals. Mulberrry showcased a selection of ice cream coloured bags for this season, so update your handbag quick ladies :)

Keep your jewels cute and sparkly, like Miu Miu, lady like is in!!

Please comment, follow me or message me peoples!!!

love LMC xxx

Sunday, 8 January 2012

White Tee

White Tee

White Tee by littlemisscouture2. Todays outfit is basically how to style any simple white (or colour) simple Tee. I have used quite a few high end brands but you get the idea and can switch certain items for things you already own or cheaper high street versions. I've put leather trousers and a faux fur vest with this Tee to get different textures and a classic channel bag as it is so chic. I have used a small bib style necklace to make the Tee a bit more interesting and the Booties to give the outfit an edge. This is definitely something I'd wear often.

Thanks for reading guys and please leave a comment or any advice or questions

lov LMC x x x

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

work it baby!

Working girl

Hi people!!
I feel like a bit of a dork typing this, as i have no idea if anyone will read it but oh well!? (HINT HINT leave a comment please). 
Today the weather has been shit!! Its England what do i expect! but a day sitting on my bum couldn't have been better spent, been laptoping, deleting old blogs i didn't keep up, looking round the net checking out other fashionistas ;) sorting out photos, bit of polyvoring and checked out
*I am currently LOVING, 
*, I am feeling a long lost sisterly bond there ;) 
*pixi2woo, youtube, she is a makeup artist sent from above!
Set i've posted today is simple working girl outfit, 
*light wash skinnies
*lace smart cami
*Burberry trench
*little booties
*and mulberry bag
expensive brands I know, but you get the gist!
Comment me any questions or advice, I am open to suggestions for improving my blog... I need them!!
love youhoo
x x x

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The MK way

A few Mary Kate pictures of her style and colour pallet...
The MK way

Mary-Kate- style crush

So I know this post isn't a very "on trend" look right now, but I am hooked on trying to re-create the Olsen twins style. I love the way they can oversize numerous pieces and still make it work and the kind of Boho style maxi's are never really out of the shops these days so they're sort of classic.

I went with the dark and floaty feel maxi skirt, Elizabeth and James make but Topshop does a fair few if your poor like me ;) or browse around online at cos they always have them. The leather bra let I know is completely out of season, but whatever! and the oversize cardi is so casual but oh so stylish and different, I feel like this could be dressed up or just lounged about in as Mary Kate would. Went for gladiator sandals and gold cuff just to the them in together.

please leave comment or link to your own MK&A posts, so I can have a browse...

love y'all
x x x