Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Mary-Kate- style crush

So I know this post isn't a very "on trend" look right now, but I am hooked on trying to re-create the Olsen twins style. I love the way they can oversize numerous pieces and still make it work and the kind of Boho style maxi's are never really out of the shops these days so they're sort of classic.

I went with the dark and floaty feel maxi skirt, Elizabeth and James make but Topshop does a fair few if your poor like me ;) or browse around online at asos.com cos they always have them. The leather bra let I know is completely out of season, but whatever! and the oversize cardi is so casual but oh so stylish and different, I feel like this could be dressed up or just lounged about in as Mary Kate would. Went for gladiator sandals and gold cuff just to the them in together.

please leave comment or link to your own MK&A posts, so I can have a browse...

love y'all
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  1. see post below for the outfit!!!
    so sorry i got it mixed up ;)