Sunday, 22 January 2012

PREEN, S/S 2012


Bit of a random post....

I felt like trying out a makeup style on my younger sister, based on a picture in "The Vogue Collections," taken backstage at the S/S Preeen 2012 show.
Anoyingly I couldn't find the exact picture but here is another shot taken at the same show, same makeup... so should kind of match :)

Highlights of this look-
* Big boyish, brows- Keep them over grown and thick ladies
* Flawless Skin- Secret to this is complete coverage on incredible skin, YSL foundation and a strict skincare routine!
* Rosy Tint- Benefit's Lip Tint, and Vaseline with rose and almond oil.
* Peachy, Apricoty- a lovely flush of sorbet on the apple of your cheek.

Here is my trial on my younger sister Bronwen.

Thanks for reading guys :)

Please post me a comment, or any tips or any suggestions for future makeup tryouts or tutorials!!!

Love LMC x x x 

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