Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Wednesday Blues


today I am feeling really quite shitty, the weathers crap, my hair is crap, my social life is a catastrophic, and I am at a loss as to what to post! Meh!

Anyway here goes...

Part deux- Vogue Collections 2012

For those of you have read my last post jump ahead, but for those of you who didn't here is me chewing up and regurgitating the best bits of Uk's Vogue "The Collections."

If you are sane or normal like me, you will have never heard of a perlume before... your not missing out trust me. However if you do like this trend, or you are trying to hard to be "indie" Perlumes were big this season on the runway.

Actually, now I think this is kind of cute in a kooky way!! I like Jason wu's style, he's made it more girly and sweet, than prim and proper... What do you think?

Keep it sweet and feminine-
*Thin knotted belt on top to highlight your waist
*Understated shoes
*NO SHOULDER PADS!!! this is not a fashion statement it is a fail.

50'S USA
*Glossy Leather Skirts- just above the knee 
*Plaid Prints- stay in the pastel hues with picnic ginghams and shiny new checks, in true Stepford Wife Fashion. 
*Midriffs bare and Knee length skirts
*Mrs Slocombe Glasses... from the classic british sitcom Are You Being Served 
cat eye glasses

I will write another post V soon, on S/S metallics and floral prints, so please FOLLOW ME or check back soon :)

love LMC x x x


  1. Thank you so much for the lovely comment you left on my sweater/jumpers post.

    You blog is great so far and I can't wait to see what other post you have :)

    As for tips, the most importent thing is to blog on topics that you love and have fun with it and don't focus on the number of followers you have, give the followers you do have great posts and the rest will come :)

    1. thank you Antonette!
      your comment has been really helpful and actually made me think about my approach to blogging and why I decided to blog in the first place so thank you

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