Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Working girl

Hi people!!
I feel like a bit of a dork typing this, as i have no idea if anyone will read it but oh well!? (HINT HINT leave a comment please). 
Today the weather has been shit!! Its England what do i expect! but a day sitting on my bum couldn't have been better spent, been laptoping, deleting old blogs i didn't keep up, looking round the net checking out other fashionistas ;) sorting out photos, bit of polyvoring and checked out
*I am currently LOVING, 
*, I am feeling a long lost sisterly bond there ;) 
*pixi2woo, youtube, she is a makeup artist sent from above!
Set i've posted today is simple working girl outfit, 
*light wash skinnies
*lace smart cami
*Burberry trench
*little booties
*and mulberry bag
expensive brands I know, but you get the gist!
Comment me any questions or advice, I am open to suggestions for improving my blog... I need them!!
love youhoo
x x x

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