Wednesday, 8 February 2012

One Lovely Blog Award!!

One Lovely Blog Award & My Nominees

Eeeeek!! So pleased to announce I have been nominated for my second award on Blogger!!! Thank you Jordan from USA and
and also thank you to, As she nominated me for the Leibster award only I didn't realise I could pass it on!! 
7 Things Facts About Me:
-I have two sisters and one brother
-I do Ballet, Tap Modern and Jazz dance, and I have done ever since I was little
-I have two cats called Pheobe (she's all white) and Lula (she's all black)
-I also, like Jordan hate heights and can't get on anything like roller coasters, trapezes or anything like these :)
-My favourite shop is the Topshop on Oxford Circus, they have the best range of brands known to man downstairs!!
-I got a little sparkly jacket and a gorgeous fur gillet for christmas.
-I am going to BENICASSIM this year!!!!!!!!!! See you there! or be square!
Here are 3 rules:
-Thank the person that nominated you with a link back to their blog.
-Share 7 things about yourself.
-Name your nominated blogs.
I nominate these galls: I absolutely love this girl... both on blogger and her youtube channel!!! check out her new haircut, its so daring and I wish I could take the plunge too!
airport outfits... I just love this blog for the reason the title gives!!!
Scarves and Stilettos... such short and sweet little posts, just make you smile :D
Thanks again Jordan and Rebecca!!
love LMC xxxx

Monday, 6 February 2012

Gatsby Darling

Hi Guys,

So today I am concentrating on one trend thats been forecast for this season. 1920's Flapper Style.
I skimmed over this trend in my Vogue Collection report, so thought i'd go into a bit more detail.

People who have been pictured channeling this trend recently include: Blake Lively in Marchesa, Clemence Poesy in classic Chanel and Emmy Rossum in Ralph Lauren, who went the whole hog with her hair and makeup also 20's style. 

These three ladies all wore a mixture of 1920's style aspects.
Blake's mid length flapper dress was kept in period neutral tones and decorated with fringing and    sequins, the dress is pictured swishing in true flapper dancing style.
Clemence, pictured wearing a dropped hem mini also with fringing and a timeless, nude silk purse.      
Emmy Rossum wore a classic silk shapeless dress, livened with sequins, her short masculine pixie hair (very 20's) and red lips (see here for makeup tutorial:

Make this style your own:

* DressUp- Sequins, Fringing, short hems, drop                   waists, lace, and decorations galore!!
* Braless- Keep your chest flat and open (very   vogue)
* Nudes- Keep your colour tones neutral.
* Cloches and Turbans and Beaded hats.
* Silk- if you don't dare dress, then play this trend down in a silk shirt.

This trend was all about women becoming more powerful, at the same time and becoming more daring and dancing the night away: let your clothes speak for themselves!!!!

I hope you enjoyed this post, please follow or leave a message if you did :)

Love LMC xxx

Sunday, 5 February 2012


Hi Guys,

I felt like doing another Makeup post today, still a very trend based post but, on beauty rather than fashion. So my sister and I have been getting really into using skincare products recently, after watching reviews on youtube from "pixi2woo" and "fleur de force." Both of our skin's have improved dramatically!

So anyway, due to our new regime and reading Vogue Collections and seeing the makeup trends for this season I decided in the future I am going to be doing a few more Makeup trials and maybe even some Reviews...?

Makeup Trial One- 40's
The 40's trend was covered by both hair and make up this season. With hair styled in a classic 40's Victory Rolls style, by Preen, and Dior made-up their models with the 40's red lips and barely there eyes.


Trial on my sister:

Trend tips- *Use two different Matt Browns one on the eye ball and the other to create a                   shadow in the crease.
                   *Use a plain, natural colour foundation and Matt out the whole face.
                   *Contour your cheek bones with a Matt Bronzer.
                   *Use a very fine lip liner to draw on first the shape of your lips and second to                     fill them in.

Don't forget to use your brightest Red Lipstick, this is NOT for the fainthearted!

Thank for reading guys and please leave a comment of any requests you have for tutorials or posts :)

Love LMC x x x x x 

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Yummy Sundae

Hi guys!!!

So my post today is on 7/8 jeans. I love this silhouette, I thinks its very flattering and elongates legs, but it must be approached in a ladylike way.

An expert on this look is Miranda Kerr. I think she's super cute and always looks immaculate. She wears her 7/8ths with pointed pumps, casual shirts or plain Tees, and minimal accessories.

 *Casual Logo Tee
 *Leather jacket
 *Pointed Pumps
                                  *Oversize Bag and sunnies
                                  *Plain Tee
                                  *Simple Blazer
                                  *Cute feminine ballet flats

Here is how to make this look work for the coming season:

Mix it up with Pastels and Florals!!!
*Pastel Pointed Pumps
*Floral 7/8ths
*Oversized Ice Cream Colour bags (mulberry inspired)
*Light Silk Scarves, in your hair 
*And Miranda Kerr perfect make up and hair

Thank you for reading people, and please leave any messages of any future preferences or follow me if you like :D

love LMC x x x x x x x