Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Yummy Sundae

Hi guys!!!

So my post today is on 7/8 jeans. I love this silhouette, I thinks its very flattering and elongates legs, but it must be approached in a ladylike way.

An expert on this look is Miranda Kerr. I think she's super cute and always looks immaculate. She wears her 7/8ths with pointed pumps, casual shirts or plain Tees, and minimal accessories.

 *Casual Logo Tee
 *Leather jacket
 *Pointed Pumps
                                  *Oversize Bag and sunnies
                                  *Plain Tee
                                  *Simple Blazer
                                  *Cute feminine ballet flats

Here is how to make this look work for the coming season:

Mix it up with Pastels and Florals!!!
*Pastel Pointed Pumps
*Floral 7/8ths
*Oversized Ice Cream Colour bags (mulberry inspired)
*Light Silk Scarves, in your hair 
*And Miranda Kerr perfect make up and hair

Thank you for reading people, and please leave any messages of any future preferences or follow me if you like :D

love LMC x x x x x x x 

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  1. love the look and I really like Mirander's style. I'm following now, remember to check out my blog too and follow back :-)