Monday, 6 February 2012

Gatsby Darling

Hi Guys,

So today I am concentrating on one trend thats been forecast for this season. 1920's Flapper Style.
I skimmed over this trend in my Vogue Collection report, so thought i'd go into a bit more detail.

People who have been pictured channeling this trend recently include: Blake Lively in Marchesa, Clemence Poesy in classic Chanel and Emmy Rossum in Ralph Lauren, who went the whole hog with her hair and makeup also 20's style. 

These three ladies all wore a mixture of 1920's style aspects.
Blake's mid length flapper dress was kept in period neutral tones and decorated with fringing and    sequins, the dress is pictured swishing in true flapper dancing style.
Clemence, pictured wearing a dropped hem mini also with fringing and a timeless, nude silk purse.      
Emmy Rossum wore a classic silk shapeless dress, livened with sequins, her short masculine pixie hair (very 20's) and red lips (see here for makeup tutorial:

Make this style your own:

* DressUp- Sequins, Fringing, short hems, drop                   waists, lace, and decorations galore!!
* Braless- Keep your chest flat and open (very   vogue)
* Nudes- Keep your colour tones neutral.
* Cloches and Turbans and Beaded hats.
* Silk- if you don't dare dress, then play this trend down in a silk shirt.

This trend was all about women becoming more powerful, at the same time and becoming more daring and dancing the night away: let your clothes speak for themselves!!!!

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